Natalie Gould – Wolves Feat Jessica Casinelli

Singer-songwriter Jessica Casinelli and producer-songwriter Natalie Gould created Wolves is an emotional depiction of the trials and tribulations of depression and overthinking. The lonely but busy atmosphere is created by chirping cicadas, a marimba pad and electric guitars, expanding the soundscape and drawing in the listener. Jessica Casinelli’s haunting vocals lay more as an atmospheric effect, sharing her raw emotions and experiences with the audience.

Natalie Gould and Jessica Casinelli released their new collaboration and it’s truly magical. Known for their powerful and emotional lyrics, the artists share a cinematic masterpiece that’ll give you goosebumps. If you’re looking for something for something unique, Natalie Gould and Jessica Casinelli deliver a sound full of love and life. Don’t forget to connect with the artists online to stay up to date.


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