Mehdi Bahmad is a Moroccan-born Canadian-raised emerging alt-pop songwriter, performer, and visual artist. Before moving to Canada at the age of 8, Mehdi and his family lived in Morocco and South of France. Through his music, he explores and expresses the rich and distinctive union between his Moroccan and Berber origins and his Canadian up-bringing.

There’s something about Mehdi’s writing style that just gets us every time. Everything from his voice, to his delivery, to the very words he writes down with a pen, it’s pure talent and simply put, we’re obsessed.

With his latest release, ‘H.E.N.N.A.’ highlights all of the things we’ve come to love and appreciate about the artist. Mehdi has a nice touch and we love the balance that the artist brings to the track. If you’re looking for something unique, you are in the right place.


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