Maria Moss feat. Marco Dalla Villa – Viva La Vida

Maria Moss is a Spanish singer, songwriter and dancer based in London who sings in Spanish and English. She mixes pop with R&B, dance, and soul plus Latin, Spanish and Arabic influences. Moss has been singing since she was three. At the age of 14, she won ̈The English Key ̈ prize singing ̈When You Believe ̈ by Whitney Houston on Cantamania, a Catalan TV programme (Salou, TV3). 

Maria Moss teamed up with Marco Dalla Villa and released a new song and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. Titled ‘Viva La Vida’, it’s without a doubt some of her most honest work to date. Diving deeper behind her lyrics, Maria did a wonderful job at allowing her inner feelings to guide her to where she needed to be.

We’re excited to watch Maria continue to grow as an artist and even more excited to see what the future holds for the talented young musician. Don’t forget to give the artist a follow online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases.

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