The 20-year-old songwriter has been singing as long as she’s been talking, but even that can’t fully account for the transcendent quality showcased on her early releases. Musically and lyrically, it’s a captivating and compelling union of innocence and experience that can completely wrap its listener. And as alluring as her vivacious indie-folk sound and vocal prowess may be, Gifford is equally as adept as a lyricist, cleverly and creatively delving into the formative experiences of transitioning into her early 20s.

We’ve been bumping new music from Madisyn Gifford all week. Titled ‘Voulez-Vous’, the young Canadian pop artist has recently grabbed our attention with her unique style and sound. Madisyn’s music remains our current go-to whenever we’re in the mood for something edgy and bold. ‘Voulez-Vous’ is without a doubt one of our favorite tracks we’ve heard this month and we’re already looking forward to hearing more from Madisyn in the coming months.

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