As a rising figure of the alternative pop scene, the Danish artist M.I.L.K took everyone’s short with his excellent “A Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard” last May. Among these inspired songs, malignant and full of sunny sounds, “U and Me” flirted with soul, in all lightness and innocence. It was no more necessary for the New Zealanders of Leisure to offer their personal and radically opposite re-reading of this little nocturnal masterpiece for a carnal, melancholy and striking result.

It often happens that one is afraid to the evocation of a remix potential applied to a song that, apparently, is already sufficient totally to itself. Thus, when the news of a reinterpretation of the groovy and warm “U and Me” of M.I.L.K by Leisure, one first questioned the relevance of such a project. Then came the end result, discreetly but with an astonishing effect. Thus, the rhythm, slowed and caressing, would almost give the impression of the isolation of two beings in a room with dim lights after playing to seduce themselves on the original version. A complementarity that seemed impossible, but which proves to be incontestable.

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