lilly among clouds – Girl Like Me


lilly among clouds might just be one of our favorite artists this month. Her brand new video for ‘Girl Like Me’ not only demands your attention for being as creative as it is, but it didn’t take much before we fell head over heels in love with her voice.

“My biggest wish for the new album was to get even further away from ballads. At least half of the songs were supposed to be upbeat or somewhat groovy. For me, the ideal concert is a mixture of this – I love rhythm. When we were recording ‘Wasting My Time’ in the studio, the first thing we did was close the lid on the piano and build the whole track around the bass-line. I enjoyed this so much – this is how I want to work!”

Her writing style is unique and with every listen you begin to appreciate her lyrics and the energy behind her performance more and more. She’s a rare breed of authenticity and it goes without question that we are 100% a fan now.

If you’re looking for raw talent, Lilly will check everything off your list. Give it a spin.

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