Laura Hyde brings home the dark pop elements she’s known for and executes it to new heights. Haunting melodies backed by a fierce beat. The guitar riff setting up the chase and leading into a powerful chorus. A chorus big enough to amp up a stadium sized crowd.

We’re not late to the party, we’ve actually been eager to share this record with everyone on our blog but it’s been such a hectic week that we decided to be selfish for the last few days. But wait no further! The new Laura Hyde release is incredible. After several listens, we still find ourselves falling deeper and deeper in love with the details and the arrangement. In a world where mediocre often thrives, Laura is breaking down barriers and we can’t wait to see what the promising artist has in store for us next.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to support the artist by giving Laura Hyde a follow on social media and discover your next favorite artist.

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