KONGOS, the rock band of four brothers – Johnny, Jesse, Dylan, and Danny Kongos, sons of British singer-songwriter John Kongos, they grew up in London and South Africa, and are now based in Phoenix, AZ. The group became unanimously recognized in 2014 as one of rock’s most infectious and invigorating new voices as their single “Come With Me Now” went RIAA double-platinum for sales in excess of 2 million.

KONGOS is the latest and greatest to grace our platform and for good reason. Their new single titled ‘Fools’ is a dreamy indie-rock record that not only demands your attention but will have you humming or singing along in no time.

In conclusion, ‘Fools’ is an honest reflection of KONGOS’s fantastic songwriting abilities and possesses a promising sound that you’ll fall in love with every time you listen.



10/01: Tulsa, OK

10/03: Nashville, TN

10/04: Memphis, TN

10/05: St. Louis, MO

10/07: Asheville, NC

10/08: Birmingham, AL

10/09: Atlanta, GA

10/11: Louisville, KY

10/12: Cincinnati, OH

10/13: Kansas City, MO

10/16: Denver, CO

10/17: Taos, NM

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