Kate Lynn – Sorry For Being Sorry

Kate is a 22-year-old Fort Worth, Texas transplant that moved to Nashville to start a songwriting career. She always had trouble with bullying and self-esteem issues growing up (and was pulled out of public school and homeschooled as a result), so overcoming her self-confidence issues and going after her dream of releasing music was a huge accomplishment for her. She just started making tracks last year.

Kate Lynn might just be one of our favorite artists this month. Her brand new music video for ‘Sorry For Being Sorry’ not only demands your attention for being as creative as it is, but it didn’t take much before we fell head over heels in love with her voice. Kate‘s writing style is unique and with every listen you begin to appreciate her lyrics and the energy behind her performance more and more. She’s a rare breed of authenticity and it goes without question that we are fans now.

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