Johnny Gates – Wish I Knew You

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Johnny Gates isn’t a rookie. Originally from Providence, RI, he started his first band in high school and immediately fell in love with music. Spending the first few years climbing up the ladder in the Providence scene, Johnny and his band eventually moved to Nashville, TN to chase the dream. While in Nashville, he had a chance to work with some of music’s biggest names and focus on songwriting.

We are at a loss of words.. Johnny Gates shared his first single ‘WISH I KNEW YOU‘ with us and it left us speechless. It’s been a long time since a song really resonated with us let alone stand out to us so much. The talent Johnny brings to the table is without a doubt some of the best work we’ve seen to date. This is a star in the making and it brings us great pleasure to feature Johnny on Keep Walking Music blog. ‘WISH I KNEW YOU‘. The track touches on a toxic, unfulfilling relationship in which the individual involved, ceases to try to find a way out.

This record will really leave an impression on you and we’re confident this is the start of something really incredible. We look forward to covering more from Johnny in the coming months, but till then, enjoy with this piece of art.

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