Joe Nester was homeless and addicted to drugs for over 10 years. Now he has over 7 years clean and is traveling the world sharing his story through music gaining thousands of die hard fans all over the world who even have his lyrics tattooed on them. Nester does not confine himself to one particular genre. He has millions of streams and views in everything from acoustic music to rock, country and even hiphop. His pain, his testimony, and message in his songs will grab you instantly.


Joe Nester has a very unique and inviting sound that we’ve come to love and adore. Released just five days ago, titled ‘Anxiety’, there’s no denying the rising star is a master of cultivating his own sound and style. Joe’s sound is unique, exciting, and undeniably infectious. With the new year still kicking off, we’re already anxious to see what the artist has in store for us next but you can count on us to follow along and cover it as we go along.

8 thoughts on “Joe Nester – Anxiety

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  5. Wow heard Anxiety, listen to over & over. To get out my feelings.
    Thankyou for your spectacular music & your story, be safe warm

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