Jamila Silvera is a vibrant singer/songwriter and visual artist from the DC area who blends Soul/Jazz, traditional Rhythm & Blues, and Folk into her own brand of storytelling. The daughter of an attorney and reggae singer, she has been exposed to a wide variety of influences that have affected her craft and interests.

There’s something really awesome about Jamila Silvera’s release ‘dreams.’. Jamila brings something completely new and refreshing to his work and it’s paying off. The music is fantastic and it’s certainly caught the attention of music lovers everywhere. The style is pretty unique – the guitar adds an organic feel to the record while the basslines come punching in during the hook driving force and excitement everytime Jamila begins to sing and pound is heart and soul out into each breath. It’s a beautiful piece of work and we’re so excited to share the song with you today. If you like the song, share it with your friends and don’t forget to spread the word.

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