Jamesïo aspires to be one of the first artists in the HipHop scene to breakthrough as an entertainment lawyer, who himself, is an entertainer through music and various art forms.

‘HHH.’ is the musical epitome of cool, whether that’s the passionate vocals, the beautiful production, or the stunning music video. Los Angeles based artist Jamesïo, delivers another effortlessly stylish single, boasting a bold and haunting sound and a powerful musical voice and setting himself out as a name to watch, trust us, Jamesïo is your new favorite artist.

“The title “HHH.” is an acronym for “HïtchHïkingHearts.” – a poem i wrote some time ago about two people who meet during their travels, fall in love, and see the world together. The 70’s references throughout the record is a nod to the era of “hitch hiking”, hippies, & being free.” -Jamesïo says

Go ahead and give ‘HHH.’ a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Jamesïo.

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