Galiano Island, BC based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jack Garton shared with us ‘I Lit The Fire’, the first single to be released from his second independent solo album ‘Love You Over Time’.

“We shot the video at the WISE Hall in East Vancouver because we’ve been playing there for so long, it feels like our band living room. It’s just where we feel most comfortable. Jasmine Liddell at the WISE has been supporting live music there for years and I don’t know where we’d be without her. We’re doing our release show right there on June 30th! Shooting the video was quick and dirty – Steven Drake slapped a few mics up, and we just had a blast. We played the song three times and you’re seeing/hearing the third one, totally alive and kicking. God, I love playing with those guys.” -Jack Garton

This record takes good music to the next level. ‘I Lit The Fire’ features vocals from Jack and blends with electronic country-rock, and folk. This record is packed with energy and it’s been one of our favorite tracks to date. Accompanied by an impressive music video, we should expect a large number of hits from Jack Garton in the coming months. Stay connected with the artist and enjoy.

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