Jack and the Other (JATO) is an Atlanta, GA based musical duo comprised of brothers Jack Muta and Caleb Brown. JATO’s music is a balanced fusion of pop, R&B, jazz, hip hop, and electronica featuring unique yet approachable production combining live instrumentation and soulful vocals reenvisioned through a modern lens. With comparisons ranging from Glass Animals to Chet Faker, the end product of the collaboration between Jack and Caleb is both eclectic and seamless. Their debut EP CIRCLES is set to release on January 10, 2019.

When it comes to originality, Jack and the Other is a breath of fresh air. Their performance and writing skills come from a genuine place and that’s extremely rare to find in an ocean of mediocrity. This should not be taken lightly. Just you wait and see.

In closing, we can’t wait to hear more from the duo band in the coming months, but until then, we’ll be keeping ‘E.S.T.’ on constant repeat. Don’t forget to subscribe to Jack and the Other to stay up to date.

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