Psychedelic future pop artist Izzy Perri spent his childhood immersed in cassettes by the likes of Hendrix and Clapton, in his hometown of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Honing a multi-instrument skill set in bands throughout his teenage years, Izzy’s soulful psychedelic melodies emerged as he entered college and discovered core influences LCD Soundsystem and Tame Impala.

When it comes to writing original-sounding music, Izzy Perri is doing it right. With his single, titled ‘Sunnyside’, the indie-rock inspired record brings to light some of the more forward-thinking production techniques we’ve heard in months. Everything from the textures, the sound design to the instrumentation, ‘Sunnyside’ is a piece of art from start to finish.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to support the artist by giving Izzy Perri a follow on social media and discover your next favorite artist.

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