Though InYourDre4mz is just nearing a very sophisticated twenty years old, she may as well have been a 90’s baby, by virtue of her innate early 2000’s inspired sound, a la Nelly Furtado, The Pussycat Dolls, and Justin Timberlake. InYourDre4mz ’s music channels a dearly beloved era of pop and RnB – a blissful collection of hits that we bopped our heads to on MTV, blasted on our radios, on our cd players and first generation iPods – but with a contemporary spin.


We’re always excited when a new InYourDre4mz track lands in our inbox. With her latest gem, titled ‘Rewind’, InYourDre4mz infuses some of her best writing yet with an electro-pop sound that’s both infectiously catchy and unique.

It’s such an exciting song we knew we had to share it with you due to the impressive writing skills InYourDre4mz is bringing to the table. Interested in hearing more? follow the artist on social media to stay connected to any upcoming material.


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