Interview: Wombino & Chris Felix – Shoot Hoops

Hi Wombino & Chris Felix! Can you introduce yourselves?

Wombino: I’m a recording artist from Orlando, Florida living in NYC trying to pay my bills by making music. I would describe the music I typically make as hip-hop that focuses heavily on lyrics and melodies. Many artists inspire me, but I’d say Kurt Cobain and J Cole are big influences. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.

Chris Felix: I’m a producer/songwriter based in New York City. My style blends punchy hip hop drums, eclectic sampling, and doses of traditional Haitian music around an alt-pop aesthetic.

Where did the idea for ‘Shoot Hoops’ come from?

Wombino x Chris Felix: The idea for “Shoot Hoops” came from a strong desire to create a song that was fun and catchy, but had darker undertones to it. We all go through traumatic events but many of us never really move on. So instead we try to forget and focus on the good times. The song and the music video came hand in hand.

What’s influenced your writing of late?

Wombino: Lately my writing has been influenced by a variety of things… Relationships, gun violence, money, etc. I’m mainly focusing on personal issues, which are necessary for me to fill gaps in my future albums/EPs.

Chris Felix: My influences change constantly but at the moment I’m interested in music that blends my background in soul/jazz chopping with the sounds of African and Caribbean music. Diaspora by Goldlink is on repeat lately. I’m mad though. I was going to use that title for a future album. Ah well.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Wombino: Record more music. Shoot more music videos. Go to more events. Send more emails. Just do more.

Chris Felix: Create more music. Create more content. Build my name as a Producer/Composer.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Wombino: Rolling Loud. I know one day when I have all this music recorded and released I’m gonna want to hear thousands of people screaming my lyrics back at me.

Chris Felix: I’m not one to perform much, but I’d love to have one of my works premiere on Broadway.


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