Interview: The Customers – Lost The World

Self-described as an “Oakland’s last Rock n Roll Band” but what that sonically entails is a muscular and unpredictable blend of power blues punk and raw rock n roll infused with rage and chops that could only come from the east bay’s most formidable city.

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Hi. Introduce yourselves please and tell us what’s been happening over the past seven months.

Hi, we are The Customers – Chris (lead Vocals and Guitar), Sean (Vocals and Bass), and Kyle (Drums). Chris writes most of the lyrics and melodies but we collaborate on everything when it comes to composition. The final product has a bit of each of us in it.

Been playing together for a little over a year from the Bay Area to Portland. Lucky to have Recorded or EP “Flooded” like 2 days before CA went in lockdown for the virus that shall not be named.

Why ‘The Customers’?

Chris – We all have worked in service for years dealing with customers at a bar or behind a counter. You see every face of humanity in those roles so it’s a good stand in for all of us.

Kyle – It’s also one of my favorite songs by The Replacements.

Congratulations on your new single ‘Lost The World’. What was the inspiration behind the song?

Chris-Dope! It’s 1 of 4 on our new EP “Flooded.” Most of this song is a true story. I quit my job and was on hard times for a few years. Lived in a run down house in East oakland that reeked of dog piss fixing it up, no running water so showered at the gym, and took some time to refocus on music. I met Kyle and Sean during all thats and the band was formed. Songs about losing everything you thought you needed and not giving in and making a way for yourself any way you can, ya know. It’s also a nod to all the crunchy blues guitar we love.

Sean: when I first started playing with Chris and Kyle they showed me all the songs they had been working on and LOST was one that we all clicked on. I also get to play a lot of power chords in that one, and if you’ve never played a D power chord on the 10th fret with heavy distortion then you need to go do that now.

Where did you record it?

Chris: At the rad Atomic Garden West in Oakland. Jesse Nichols mixed and mastered it. Also guest stars on the piano on another track “Night Stalker.” It’s a magic place.

Sean: its such an amazing studio and Jesse really got what we were going for and helped us make it happen. Great dude too!

Your music interweaves so many different styles and sounds. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Kyle: Iggy Pop! Partly to hang out with a legend, but also because we employ that kinda sparse and to the point dirtiness in our songs.

Chris: Second Iggy!!! Jesus that would be amazing. If I could get Shannon Shaw and David Lynch in a room together I’m sure we could come up with some weird nightmare dream shit.

Sean: John Carpenter or Tom Waits.

What other plans have you got in store for when life returns to normal?

Kyle: First we’re gonna have to shake off the rust! Chris and Sean can at least practice at home, but drums are a no go in my home. Other than that, we have a number of songs that have yet to be fleshed out, so I imagine we’ll focus on those. At least until the venues are able to host shows again.

Sean: gig, gig, and gig. if there’s time to write and record. Haha

Chris: What they said.

If you could perform at any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Kyle: My vote is for the Chapel in SF. The sound in that place is unreal!

Chris: Bowery Ball Room. I lived in BK for a bit would be good to see folks out there. Half of the bay moved there.

Sean: that’s a hard one…. I don’t reeeeallly give a shit about the venue as long as the crowd is good. I once played a house show in Wolverhampton(UK) with so many people in it that we had to put one of the cabs into the fireplace and the drummer was almost in another room. The band couldn’t really see each other except for the singer who was being held aloft by the crowd. They held him up there for the whole show. I would like to play that house in Wolverhampton again. hahaha

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