Interview: Rachel Rose – Insane Love


Hi, how are you today?

I’m alright! It’s definitely weird and scary times right now. Music & all art has kept me afloat now more than ever. I think everyone is seeing the importance of art right now and how vital it is for our society and world.

How would you best describe your sound and who have been your biggest influences?

Right now my sound is a fusion of singer songwriter/ alt pop, but it’s changing from song to song as I take more risks sonically. I write almost all my songs on guitar and then I co-produce it from there alongside another producer. Lyrics are extremely important to me, and every song of mine is a story. Influences are hard because there are just too many! From a storytelling perspective, a few influences of mine across all genres are Prince, Ani DiFranco, J Cole, Ed Sheeran, & Queen!

Tell us about the inspiration behind your single, ‘Insane Love’.

I’m really inspired by Ed Sheeran rapping over his guitar and tried to access that myself in “Insane Love”. The verses of the song started as poems, and then I wrote the guitar lick afterwards and pieced it together. It was meant to be acoustic but in production we played with the bass drop you hear in the chorus’s and ended up keeping it. “Insane Love” is a story about letting go of the right love and holding onto the wrong one. I always say this is the song of mine that you can dance and cry to at the same time! Ha!

Are you planning any more releases in the near future? Maybe an EP or an album?

Yes! I am about to start on my first EP however I have a few more singles that I want to release before then. My new single, “Fill My Shoes,” is coming out July 18th!

What about your other plans for the future? Are you planning any tours or live shows?

It’s hard to make any concrete plans due to the pandemic however I hope when it’s safe to tour in Europe as thats where most of my Spotify listeners are based. Until then, I am going to be recording and releasing as much music as possible!

To finish with a standard interview question: where do you see yourself in five years?

Ahhh! Five years I will be 28, hmmm. I would say I hope to be traveling the world touring, sharing my music, and connecting with as many people as possible through it. I hope I’ve recorded at least a couple albums and that I’m writing and more inspired in that moment than I ever had been before.

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