Interview: Orochen – Shiny String Of Lies

Orochen is a Gothenburg (Sweden) based alternative rock outfit whom are about to release their upcoming second EP – Mechanical Eyes. Orochen is trying to share their perspective of a world in tremor. If we as humans – on top of the food chain – won´t take responsibility for our actions it will lead to a certain destruction of the world as we know it.
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Hi Orochen! Where did the idea for ‘Orochen’ come from?
We all grew up in small towns in the rural parts of Sweden and came together in Gothenburg (much because of the fact that the countryside has been depleted from work and education) where we united around a common idea that the world can´t continue on the path that we are taking right now. For us, this was obvious considering that Trump is president in the most powerful country in the world, global warming is a fact and we don´t act accordingly to actually change anything. Capitalism rules. And that is where the name Orochen ties it all together.
The Orochen people is an ethnic minority in east Asia that have been forced to abandon their ancient lifestyles as hunter-gatherers. Their history, values and animalistic approach embodies our own journey and what we want to communicate with our music.
Congratulations on your new single ‘Shiny String Of Lies’. What was the inspiration behind the song?
Thanks!! We are thrilled about this release! The song began as a simple singer-songwriter arrangement, as most of our songs, with guitar and vocals which then grew in scale and width.  As with most of our songs this is a dystopian journey into the contemporary capitalistic apocalypse where everything is a lie, and all the lies weave a spider’s web in a never dormant maelstrom of economic growth. This song tells a story about how one lie leads to another, and before you know it you are trapped in a spider’s web of your own lies.
Where are you based and how does this affect your writing?
We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, (a town with around 0,5 million people) but we are originally from small villages, up north in Sweden. The surrounding forests and the countryside mentality have most certainly influenced our sound and the lyrics of the songs. The change in lifestyle between the countryside and the city life is also noticeable in many of the songs.
I see you’ve been recording at The End Studios in Lund (Sweden). How was that?
I think that all members of the band agree that everything about the studio and the person how recorded us (Ulf Blomberg) was great and virtually all we hoped for. We had been working with Ulf on our first EP with a really good result, so the choice was easy. We recorded all the four tracks live (except vocals and some percussion) which made the songs more earthy, groovy and alive in contrast to being recorded one by one as we did on our first EP.
What’s been your favorite musical experience to date?
We are all music nerds and are continuously searching for and experiencing new music. Something that stands out was when I heard Wovenhand for the first time. I immediately fell in love with the blend of musical influences that I had not heard before! Also, a Swedish artist called Thåström. His live performances always tear right through your heart leaving you emotionally empty (Jonas).
Have you got any live shows coming up that we should watch out for?
Not yet but in the following weeks after we have released our new EP “Mechanical Eyes” we are aiming to perform live, most probably in Gothenburg.
What are the band’s plans for the next year?
After the release, we aim to record two or three new songs that we have been working on. We are also in the lookout for gigs in the spring!

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