“motioncntrl is a bi-coastal duo. together they’ve fine tuned a sound that reflects their ultra modern world. their sound and aesthetic evoke a future where technology and humanity collide.”


Hi guys, how are you doing today?

We’re holding on, staying optimistic.

How would you best describe the music you make?

That’s always a tough one,, how about emo-tech

Can you tell us how your sophomore single ‘EROS’ came about and what inspired it?  

Allyce came out from la and we were working in my studio in downtown manhattan around 3am. I’d sent her the instrumental for eros a few months before and she mentioned casually that she had some vocal ideas.  when she sang “straight through the heart..” I nearly cried.   our intention with this music is to channel pure humanity and we captured that with Eros

Do you feel that having a message in your music is important today?

yes but we’re more interested in “soft power”,, allowing the intention in the music to inspire, instead of spelling it out we hope the listener will be able to get whatever they may need from it in the moment.  especially in chaotic times like these.

Can we expect an EP or album from Motion Cntrl anytime soon?

Our 3rd EP, ‘Devoted,’ is coming Fall 2020

What about your plans for the rest of the year? Are you hoping to get out on the road again soon?

we’re hoping to get together when things calm down to continue developing new material.  who really knows when live music will be a thing again but in the meantime we’ll be releasing a lot of music.

Finally, what’s on the duo’s bucket list?

Release a lot of music

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