Keeana Kee is a Latvian-born singer and model who moved to the UK as a teenager and began singing at events in London. Keeana quickly took to performing live with a cover band, developing audience participation skills and around a music style which is a combination of Pop and Soul sprinkled with Spanish/Latin influence.

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Hi Keeana, Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I’m originally from Latvia. It’s a small country in Eastern Europe but we do have great voices and big talents coming from there. Music is a big part of Latvian culture. Artists sing in different languages Russian, Latvian as well as English.

What’s been happening over the past six months?

I was working on a lot of projects with different producers around the States that I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys soon.
I have just released my first single of 2020 “GENIUS” which was produced in California by Sergio de Anda and I am planning on releasing my next single along with the music video which will be refreshing and inspiring. Right on time for the spring. Stay tuned for the updates.

Is there a story behind ‘Genius’?

“Genius” as well as my recent release “Shoot Me Up” was inspired by a road trip to Arizona. Those long hours in the car with mesmerizing views of mountains and desert sands triggered its vibes.
In the “Genius” I delve deeper with lyrics singing about obstacles in personal life and common relationship situations in which one side struggles to enter into a romantic or intimate setting with another, being stuck in unwanted and distant connections. ”There’s never an easy way. You’ll get through it. Like you always do it“ “Genius” will take you on a mysterious journey of catchy melodies, deep lyrics, and dreamy beats.

How long have you been making music?

I wrote my first song, which was actually in English, when I was a teenager and still lived in Latvia, but at that time I didn’t yet know that I will pursue music as my career. It sounded too impossible at that time. I was studying at the university in London when I realized that I can’t live without music and it is a part of me that I don’t wanna lose. So I made a choice to take it seriously and never stop learning and improving. I started working intensively on creating my own material and moved to the United States in 2017. I started investing 100% of my time into developing my singing skills, gaining experience in the entertainment industry and creating, creating, creating…

What’s next for you? Is there more music or any live shows on the way?

I have so much new material and 2020 should be a very exciting year for me with lots of surprises. I was also working on shooting music videos so my records are backed up by the visuals. I will be releasing everything throughout the year and, of course, am planning on going on tour. Follow me on social media so I can keep you in the loop. Stay safe for now “this too shall pass”. Kiss. Keeana Kee.

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