An emerging London-based singer, songwriter & producer with both English and Indian heritage, JSMINE SOPHIA creates music that falls somewhere between R&B and Soul, but her production is also influenced by Hip-Hop in a way that leaves her sound lying somewhere between these three genres.

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Hey! So I guess I should start off by giving some context. INTO THE FEAR was created as part of my debut EP ‘E.Q’, which I released back in February. ‘E.Q’, which is short for ‘Emotional Quotient’, basically refers to the ability to understand and manage our emotions. The whole of this EP, and INTO THE FEAR especially, is based on my own internal conflicts, fears and day-to-day emotional waves. I wanted to channel my experiences into something that others can relate to and that will, hopefully, help them find the inner strength to get through whatever they are going through in that moment.

When did the inspiration strike to write it?

I remember it being a hot, summer’s night last year, I was living in London at the time, and I was working on the song at sunset. At that time I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, but I remember feeling empowered that night and wanting to express the fact that I knew I could overcome and become stronger than any anxieties, that I could run head on into my fears, hence INTO THE FEAR.

How do you go about writing your music?

It almost always starts with the beat for me, because I produce most of my own music. So usually, whilst I’m creating the beat I get a feel for the vibe I want. The drums always have a big role to play in this. Then I’ll start getting ideas for melodies. Usually before I write anything down, I’ll go right ahead and record myself, singing melodies into the microphone, whatever comes naturally, and build the song based on my immediate response to the music. So I pretty much always figure out the melody before lyrics even come into it. Each step in-turn inspiring the next, which is why to me every step of the process is equally as important. For example, if you listen to INTO THE FEAR, you notice that the drums are really distinct, and quite in your face. I think it’s that sense of boldness that inspired me to write a song about self empowerment and determination.

What do you consider to be your greatest career achievement so far?

I think selling out my debut EP Launch Party back in February this year, that was a truly special moment. I was so unsure that I would be able to pull it off, and sell out a venue. Then to see so many friends and family show up to support not just me, but also th other artists that I had supporting me was incredible. The atmosphere that night was truly magical. But my greatest achievements are definitely yet to come.

If you could curate a festival, who would the three headliners be?

Frank Ocean, Kanye West and myself 🙂

And what albums are you listening to right now?

‘East Atlanta Love Letter’ by 6lack, Jhené Aiko’s entire catalogue, and I recently discovered Raye’s first EP, ‘Welcome to the Winter’ which I found on YouTube. She’s an incredible songwriter, especially considering she released this when she was 18 years old. There’s a song on there called ‘BAD FAITH’ which I can’t get out of my head.

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