Interview: Drew Davies – X and Y

Hailing from South Yorkshire, Davies comes from a long line of singers and musicians. He has spent the better part of the last decade treading the boards of venues and festivals across the UK and Europe with various bands, working in musical collaborations, writing for other artists and singing in session gigs to get by.

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Hi Drew Davies, where are you based and how does this affect your

Hi there, I’m based in London, UK. I’d say the urban sprawl does sometimes influence me, the sights, sounds and smells of the inner city. Lady Midnight would be a perfect example of this..

What inspires you the most right now?

Right now I seem to be writing a lot of songs about separation, love and unrequited love.

Where did the idea for ‘X and Y’ come from?

I wrote X and Y on women’s day. The idea came from the idea that women can buy boyfriend fit jeans, and I thought how it was funny socially that a style of jean fro a woman is acceptable but how a man would be ridiculed for wearing a dress. I also was seeing a lot of ‘virtue signalling’ online from certain people too so those were the thoughts that fuelled the writing, it’s basically a song about equality for all.

What’s your writing methodology?

It varies, normally when I hear chords it gives me an instant mood, melodies come very quick for e and often for some reason the music informs my mood and the words I might throw onto the melody. I like to not preside too much as I find the best songs come naturally. If it sucks I just finish it and write the next one. I find I write best after very emotional events or if something stirs me.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Viagra Boys, Alex Cameron, Actors, Bruce Springsteen, I’ve even dipped into quite a bit of hard rock at the minute too, Van Halen especially which I haven’t enjoyed so much since I was 18! Talk Talk and Roxy Music too.

What other plans have you got in store for when life returns to normal?

I’m working on another project which might be quite interesting but for now writing my second album and planning to get back to playing shows asap! Thank you

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