Interview: CatchTwentyTwo – All Because Of Her

CatchTwentyTwo shared with us a piece of art, I caught up with him for a Q&A:

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by CatchTwentyTwo, it means a dilemma or situation you can’t get out of.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since I was 15, I’ve been singing along to songs since i was 12 though! A lot of Michael Jackson songs… Dancing to them too haha…

What inspires you the most right now?

The Weeknd is my inspiration, he’s a legend… I don’t know if I have to say much else…

Congratulations on your new single ‘All Because Of Her’. What was the inspiration behind the song?

Thank you so much! 1,000 plays is even crazy to me, being my 3rd song, I appreciate everyone for listening! It means a lot.
Where did you record it?
I recorded it in my bedroom actually… you could be surprised what you could do in a bedroom… just kidding, but yeah, just in a corner of a room and on a Shure mic, pretty simple set up actually…
What’s your plan for the rest of the year? Is there more music coming soon?
My plans for the rest of the year… More music… and visuals, more for people to hear and see.


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