Hymner x Alessandra – Nobody’s Fault

Sad pop connoisseurs Hymner is back with Nobody’s fault, once again teaming up with Swedish songster Alessandra. Loneliness is a powerful thing that might lead to questionable decisions. We’ve all been there, right? A temporary remedy just one phone call away.


This new Hymner and Alessandra record really hits the sweet spot for us, titled ‘Nobody’s Fault’. The laid-back attitude invites a catchy vibe from start to finish. The way the artists complement each others style is something that definitely goes unnoticed and to be honest, we would love to hear more from them down the road. Both bring unique and fresh music that not only demands your attention but will have you coming back for more.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Hymner and Alessandra online.

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