Her Name is Calla – A Moment of Clarity


Formed in 2004 by song-writer Tom Morris, Her Name Is Calla play intense, emotional guitar-rock, categorised by Morris’s haunting and distinctive vocals and the bands remarkable use of dynamics and atmosphere which of- ten finds audiences silenced both its delicacy and brutality.

With their latest track titled ‘A Moment of Clarity’, we experience the true magic behind the band’s writing style and their creative freedom. Whether you’re a fan of indie, rock, or other genre, there’s something special about the way Her Name is Calla creates art that anyone can enjoy.

So what’s not to love? It’s catchy, it’s unique, and we admire the way Her Name is Calla interweaves their personality throughout the production. The entire track feels personal and honest and we think it’s safe to say we’re already excited to hear more.



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