Notes with a groove tempered with stormy chips and infected aerial movements, revoici Goss with his new title Soo Bad.

After Time, Waterfall or I Want To Know ?????, this Danish composer speeds up the sweetness by joining him to twisting singular swing, mixing delicate and clammy pop with contrasting throbbing electro To stellar echoes. Developing the agitated elk and the voluptuous beats in swings to the tempestuous jerks, its cadences slam the hearts with feverishness.

Providing then a track with the sensual resonances and the naughty consonances, this artist promises a trance to the refrains pestors, bitten dance dances to the infinite, almost unbeatable.

Under a wet chant of an atypical beauty that slips into languid and ardent notes, Goss creates mixtures of a new style, between feverish nu-disco and burning pop distraught with electro ethereal bursts.

By mixing synthetic vibrations and natural pulses, it offers an escape stitched with an exquisite tempo with heady notes, waiting for the sequel, with impatience.

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