Gio Bermejo – Die Like a Rockstar

With this song GIO relates, in first person, the frustration and decadence of the life of an artist. The undervalued road that they take which, on occasions, provokes their own self destruction. In his video, using the iconic figure of James Dean as inspiration , GIO thrusts on us his message of rebelliousness and independence before the musical industry.


We’re obsessed with Gio Bermejo’s music video for ‘Die Like a Rockstar’ The music video is a beautiful cinematic masterpiece that we felt elevated the mood and the energy of the track quite well. His catchy lyrics, polished production, and phenomenal video production style, Gio Bermejo is an artist you need to get acquainted with.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more Make sure to follow Gio online.

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