Fresh Picks: julie on the internet / Trevor Underwood / Angus Legg / Wong Diane / Lucius Arthur / Vili V / Romi Chase / Phil Swanson / Regal The Rare / Asher Laub

Fresh Picks by Amelia, the following tracks are a selection by me that definitely deserve more attention than Miley Cyrus!

I Like You by julie on the internet

Vertigo by Trevor Underwood

Someone I Never Knew by Angus Legg

Now Only Me by Wong Diane

Bad Trip by Lucius Arthur

Tupelo Rhythm by Vili V

Afterlife by Romi Chase

Call Me Friend by Phil Swanson

Blue Goo (feat. Ty Prophecy, Dalè, and Jellybean Johnson) by Regal The Rare

Misirlou by Asher Laub

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