Fresh Picks: Ilan Bell / Evan Kreutz / Cap’n Al / richie mandanici / Joe Castillo / Kwoon / Ink Element / Snows of Yesteryear / Foolish Manure / Bird`s View

Fresh Picks by Amelia, the following tracks are a selection by me that definitely deserve more attention than Miley Cyrus!

Emma Rose by Ilan Bell

Holes (Try Being Me) by Evan Kreutz

Above the Line by Cap’n Al

CRAVE U by richie mandanici

Avión de Papel by Joe Castillo

JAYNE by Kwoon

Darko Zhenyo by Ink Element

Last Thing You Remember by Snows of Yesteryear

Delta 5 by Foolish Manure

Do I Have to Call by Bird`s View

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