Fresh Picks: Jaye Rsvd / Alexa Name / KNETX / Juilley / Elianna Radin / Slavena Tiger / Moon Maison / Josia / runnerthewriter / Tati Maia

Fresh Picks by Amelia, the following tracks are a selection by me that definitely deserve more attention than Miley Cyrus!

Curious Adventures by Jaye Rsvd

GODDAMN BABY! by Alexa Name


Giflant le vent by Juilley

running by Elianna Radin

Blue Navy Diamond by Slavena Tiger

Miss Moon (Lucid Dream) by Moon Maison

C’est la même (de mon nouvel EP “Le bonheur, désespérément – partie 1” disponible maintenant) by Josia

My Deja Vu by runnerthewriter

about u, anyway. by Tati Maia

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