Review: Eva Snyder – voldemort

Eva Snyder’s “Voldemort” is a captivating and powerful single from her debut album, “Seventeen”. Drawing inspiration from the infamous Harry Potter antagonist, the song explores the aftermath of a traumatic experience, delving into the pain and vulnerability that accompany it. Snyder’s emotive vocals and poignant lyrics deeply resonate with listeners, establishing “Voldemort” as a standout track in her indie pop repertoire.

The singer-songwriter based in Nashville has developed a distinctive sound influenced by her connections to both Massachusetts and San Francisco. “voldemort” highlights her exceptional vocal talent and relatable storytelling, evoking memories of Taylor Swift’s writing style. The song’s production, exclusively done by women, further enhances its importance and influence.

Eva Snyder’s “voldemort” is a raw and honest account of heartache and healing, making it a must-listen for fans of indie pop and singer-songwriters alike. To stay updated on her latest releases and news, follow Eva Snyder on her social media accounts.

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