“My name is ETAN, I’m an independent unsigned singer-songwriter-producer from London, UK.”


Today, we have this new single titled, ‘Duck Down’. The track features a beautiful and melodic soundscape drenched in rich vocals that not only demands your attention but will make you humming and singing. We love the passion ETAN puts forth when creating a sound as unique as this one and we look forward to hearing more from the promising artist in the coming months.

“I wrote this song from my perspective as a female music producer, when I first started to attend sessions with male producers. Witnessing the “Me Too” revolution happen, inspiring women around the world to break free from ancient social boundaries and glass ceilings, led to a deep reflection on my past experiences as a woman in this world, and nonetheless, the “day after”, a day which will hopefully bring healthy competition between individuals, men and woman alike.”

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to connect with Duck Down online.

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