Emma Zander – America’s Favorite Tranquilizer

Emma Zander sings about what it means to be a twenty-something right now. Born & raised in NY, Zander moved to the West Coast to pursue music after graduating NYU Tisch for Musical Theatre.

By far, Emma Zander is one of the few artists we’ve come across since the launch of Keep Walking Music, Emma’s lyrical style is as vibrant and as powerful as they come. Something that very few have come to appreciate over the years due to the overflow of bland pop-bobs.

So, it should come as no surprise that the artist’s music is beloved by fans all over the world. With her latest, ‘America’s Favorite Tranquilizer’, Emma delivers yet another melodic and infectiously catchy gem with witty lyrical imagery and exciting melodic production. For fans of indie pop and electro pop, Emma Zander has a little something for everyone.

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