It’s all too rare to discover a new artist who doesn’t acquiesce to the current penchant for in your face treatments, instead choosing to aim squarely at your heart. 24 year old, Auckland artist, deryk is one such exception. While all around her the world moves at a dizzying pace, she manages to summon space and instil stillness in her music, as well as delivering a few surprises on her multi-layered debut EP.


We still stuck at home here is Ceuta and it sucks but deryk gave us a catchy
new single to enjoy and it’s helping us maintain. Titled ‘Call You Out’, the new
record showcases a unique writing style and an impressive vocal performance.
And let’s be honest, these are stressful times, so let’s take a moment to really
appreciate the energy deryk is bringing to the table and enjoy the new record
the way it’s meant to be enjoyed, slow and steady.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing
more? Make sure to follow deryk online.

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