David Ryan – Mississippi Rose

David Ryan is going places. From New England to Nashville, from Metal to Americana; from drummer to singer-songwriter—one thing is clear: this man is on a journey. His starting point on the map is the Boston suburbs, where he joined the school band at a young age. As a member of the drumline until graduation, David cultivated a solid respect and understanding of music.

Of course, that next stop on the map was a stint with some of the rock and metal bands in the Boston area. This stop in the journey led him to work with famed Rock icon Andy Pratt, who wrote and recorded some of the most beloved songs in the world. After drumming with Pratt, David’s journey crossed paths with Colene Walters, Porter Waggoner’s duet partner after Dolly Parton went solo. Walters, a Grand Ole Opry legend, needed and drummer, and David Ryan fit the bill.

This song is really amazing, David amazed us with his wonderful performance, from the first moments of the song you feel the voice of david in your soul, this will make you repeat the song again and again.

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