DANYSZ x Susannah Lee – Lifted

Danysz started playing guitar and singing in bands at the age of 11. At university studying musicology, he focused on electronic music and production the first time. As a young father he had to take jobs, that were not creative at all and started having negative impact on his life and wellbeing.
After reflecting the toxic situation and taking action to step out of it, he got inspired to write the song Lifted, where he processes this adventure and makes it tangible for his audience.


If you’re a fan of electro pop, ‘Lifted’ is right up your alley. Catchy vocals, warm production, and a punchy electro kick are all you need to enjoy this gem. Tap your foot or get up and dance, ‘Lifted’ is a solid tune for any occasion.

Produced by DANYSZ, the track features the incredible Susannah Lee on vocals. Susannah’s vocal performance sounds incredible and completely elevates the track to a whole new level. It’s dreamy, catchy, and above all, beautiful.

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