chloe mk is a New York-based singer/songwriter. Her unique brand of “internet-pop” navigates what it means to be young in the digital age and the vast range of emotions that come along with it. Her songs capture the complexity of the journey towards self-discovery, pairing honest and deeply introspective lyrics with high-energy pop beats. She signed to Republic Records in 2018 and has plans to release her debut EP, Fantasy, the summer of 2019.

The talented and incredible chloe mk is back with a brand new single titled ‘David Bowie’. The electro-pop record highlights all of the things we’ve come to love about chloe mk while pushing new sounds that combine elements of pop and electro.

Like the majority of her fans, we’ve come to appreciate chloe mk’s writing style for the lyrical depth and creativity. Her latest is no different. ‘David Bowie’ is relatable, it’s expressive, and of course, catchy enough that you’ll be singing and humming along in no time.

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