Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Chloe’s humble roots of sneaking out to perform on the streets of NYC by age 13 continue to inspire her artistry. Building her skills as a self-produced songwriter, Chloe began releasing songs in 2017 with her first-ever release, “Reckless,” breaking the Top 5 on the U.S. Spotify Viral Chart. Her early songs and live shows saw critical nods from outlets like DIY Magazine, who note Lilac’s “knack for an emotional gut-punch.”


Chloe Lilac has a very energetic writing style, the new song is catchy, it’s fun, and it totally makes you singing and humming. Whether you’re looking for a nice pick-me-up feel-good track or something fresh and exciting, ‘Moderation’ is a song you’ll love and enjoy. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to connect with Chloe Lilac online.


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