Chandler Juliet – Bitch Don’t Bother Me

Award Winning Recording Artist Chandler Juliet grew up running around the halls of LA’s top recording studios. Chandler Juliet’s emotionally intelligent lyrics, soothing jazzy vocals, innate groove, and quick wit set her apart from the pack, penning her unique story of growing up and staying in the big city of Los Angeles, and letting go of adolescence.


It’s Wednesday and we about to have some fun! But seriously, we’re in a great mood today we have this infectiously catchy new single from Chandler Juliet ‘Bitch Don’t Bother Me’. The production has a hazy vibe to it but without a doubt, it sparks moments of happiness and excitement throughout the duration of the song.

It’s probably best that we avoid using labels or genres when describing the track because it’s unique and that’s what makes the song so special in the first place. Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Chandler Juliet online.

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