brecnmari consists of Brecon Richards and Mariana Bandhold, two singer-songwriter-producers who came together through a conspiracy of the Universe. It had already been written. They had no choice but to combine their musical, production and performance talents to create good-vibes-only music. 


For fans of electro pop , Los Angeles based duo brecnmari has a new song out that’s more than worthy of your attention. Titled ‘Insane’, the new single showcases a beautiful performance filled with passionate songwriting and energy so fun you’ll be humming and singing along in no time. We can’t wait to hear what else brecnmari are working on but in the meantime, make sure to follow them online.

4 thoughts on “brecnmari – Insane

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  2. wow. the power of that voice took me by surprise. and the drop is amazing! nice pick!

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