Bookie Baker’s creative and musical journey, punctuated by an arrest and interrogation in China, is just part of the alt-folk duo’s story. Consisting of Irishman, Caolan O’Neill-Forde and Canadian, Alex Montyro, their journey from the beginning has been fuelled by a sense of adventure, entrepreneurial spirit and wanderlust.


Every once in a while we get a submission from an artist that really speaks to our heart. This time that artist is Czechia based duo Bookie Baker. Their new song, ‘Blanket Fort’, is a well-written song and meaningful. We love the lyricism and the vocals performance left us in awe. Like a daze you can’t break away from, listening to ‘Blanket Fort’ is an emotional journey from start to finish.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to connect with Bookie Baker online.

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