Band of Rascals is made up of four friends with very distinct characteristics. Lead singer Sam Trainor is all that you want in a front man; charisma in human form, flowing locks and howling vocals. Malcom Owen-Flood, known for his magnetic lead guitar playing and studio chops. Sean ‘The Noche’ Marcy is the kind of bass player great rock tales are written about. And grounding the band is drummer Marcus Manhas, a flame haired hero armed with a set of drumsticks and a killer smile.

The indie group shared with us their single couple weeks ago and it sounds incredible. We love the bands writing style and the production is designed to lift your spirit up and ultimately, makes you feel great when you’re listening along. It’s bright, colorful, and it’s the perfect way to kick off your day! Turn up the volume and sing along and don’t forget to connect with the group online to stay up to date on any future releases this summer and enjoy.

The group are touring through Europe from January 7th till February 7th, and Madrid is one of their stops.

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