“B.Y.F.M.” is the final single from Grace’s forthcoming EP “Yourz Truly,” out today. Grace’s steady and confident vocal delivery rides a crescendoing production that crests in the song’s bombastic chorus filled with warped vocals and heavy-hitting drums. In the track, Grace asserts her worth beyond any photo on Instagram or other people’s assumptions. “Love me cause I stand for something bigger than my beauty, love me cause I’m beautiful enough to blow your fucking mind.”

Honestly, this new single from Baker Grace is impressive and easy to follow. Titled ‘B.Y.F.M.’, the new song showcases catchy hooks, you’ll be singing or humming the hook before it’s over. Trust us. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to support the artist by giving Baker Grace a follow on social media.

“’B.Y.F.M.’ is about the unrealistic expectations put on our appearances. We are all beautiful in so many ways but get so fixated on the things that aren’t perfect that we forget to recognize all the incredible parts of ourselves. I have felt insecure about my appearance and tried to change myself to impress others, but it only made me feel less and less confident. I want to show myself for who I truly am, including all the imperfections, because being proud of myself and accepting my flaws is what makes me beautiful.” –Grace

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