The time has come! After Al Pride released their 4-track EP “Spruce” (Radicalis Music) in spring with an increased line-up, the eight-member band from Baden now follow on with an album. Their fourth album is called “Sweet Roller” (08/28/2020, Radicalis Music), comprises eight songs and is exactly what good pop music should be in 2020 – catchy and distinctive, savvy and subversive.

Our new favorite band shared with us an exciting new single. Titled ‘If You Go Down’, the new song showcases a unique blend of indie rock and Pop. ‘If You Go Down’ really does take the cake though. Not only does it possess all of the traits we love about discovering new music. But it’s passionate, energizing, and last but not least, it sounds fucking awesome.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Al Pride.

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