Airport Impressions – Why Are We Here

Whether it is performing in front of more than 50-thousand fans at the “Isle of MTV” concert or winning songwriting competitions in Nashville, Airport Impressions, which features lead vocalist Errol Sammut, is one of the most successful alternative/commercial rock bands to emerge from Malta in the past decade. The band’s most recent release, the single “Standing There,” will drop on October 4th and delighted to have the distribution through The Orchard (Sony).


For fans of indie rock, Airport Impressions has a brand new single out that we’re currently obsessed with. Titled ‘Why Are We Here’, pretty much everything the band does is interesting. Airport Impressions are doing something that not only demands your attention but truly stands out amongst the crowd.

‘Why Are We Here’ is a bubbly feel-good record that not only demands your attention but will have you singing or humming along in no time. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


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