A Choir of Ghosts – Sinner in Rapture

A Choir Of Ghosts (UK/SE) releases the third single „Sinner in Rapture“ on February 14th taken from his upcoming debut album “An Ounce Of Gold”. Frontman James Auger from A Choir Of Ghosts is to be found in the deep Scandinavian forest, fingerpicking the guitar to folksy melancholic tunes to long for, his biggest musical influences lays in the reminiscence of Kurt Cobain, The Tallest Man on Earth and Hollow Coves.


A Choir of Ghosts dropped a gem last week and we can’t seem to get it out of our head, titled ‘Sinner in Rapture’. The band grabbed our attention not too long ago with their captivating lyrical style and infectiously catchy production. And we love the way they apply their creative energy to anything and everything they touch. Check out ‘Sinner in Rapture’ for yourself and let us know what you think.


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